I’m pretty sure I met my prince charming tonight and didn’t leave even as much as a slipper. Behind. Great

I just need to graduate!

or I might just explode with anticipation. 

I’m glad I don’t have a man to answer to.

I wasn’t supposed to be a grouch…

this semester about my sorority, but I was.  It happens, we all make mistakes.  I separated myself from them this semester more than I ever have before.  I kind of needed it though. We took so many new girls that in a way it was okay that I wasn’t around as much because they were all there to do things and to love the chapter.  On the other hand, I should have been there to get to know them (the new members) and support then and set and example of what it means to be a leader within the chapter.  Thats the part I regret the most, that they know me as a leader but that I have never actually showed them that part of myself.  My attitude was always “why do I have to be here” and “I have more important things to be doing” whenever I was at chapter events.  Hopefully next semester Ill be able to come back from this, to be more involved and grow to love, instead of despise, my chapter again.  The best thing about this, too, is that I know they will in a sense take me back.  I’m sure I got under some peoples skin this semester with my bad attitude but they’ll take me back and that is just a fantastic feeling.  Knowing that I can simply show them that I’m sorry and it will be no questions asked is great.  

Rant, Rant, Rant

I am so mad at myself right now! 

-Ive just completely failed two test

-I feel like ive done none of my required stuff to graduate

- I cant register for classes today like I thought I would be able to

- I dont have stuff done for my our philanthropy that Im supposed to be planning

I cannot fail any classes this semester! it is an impossibility! If I do I will have to stay another whole semester! Think about what all that entails!!! (another semester of sorority, not joining the air force. ANOTHER SEMESTER OF THIS TOWN!!) NO do not do this to yourself. Just buck the fuck up and get your shit done! plain and simple. who cares if you dont wanna do it; stop being a baby! 


realizing that I may not graduate in May as planned. WTH! 2:30 cannot come soon enough now so I can meet with my advisor and set everything straight.  What a disaster. 

This is how my mind works. Scary.

1. The toilet from HELL will not STOP RUNNING!

2. I just had a pnm friending frenzy on my Pi Chi facebook; wholly recruitment! 

3. Some of my girls are bitches and some are fantastic! Its gonna be real hard not playing favorites; Ill try my best though. 

4. RECRUITMENT CANT COME SOON ENOUGH!! Being disaffiliated has really made me realize how much I truly love and fit into my chapter; I cant wait to be back with my girls. 

5. I think I might go grocery shopping now.  

6. My room is covered in dog toys. GRRR! 

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